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Top tips to transform your morning coffee and emulate those big name chains Posted On 20 June 2022

Many of us need our cup each morning so why not elevate it?


Making a cup of coffee in the morning feels as natural to many of us as opening the curtains and taking a hot shower.

With work styles evolving in recent years and many of us remaining, at least for part of the time, working from home, our home brewed morning coffee is regularly the only choice to get us through the day.

However, the cups we make for ourselves never quite match up to the equivalents purchased from big name chains many frequent each day for a latte, mocha or cappuccino.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your daily cup of coffee from home.


Try something new and find a new favourite


Rather than using instant coffee, spend a bit more time on your coffee and reap the rewards through taste.

Buying whole coffee beans and making it from scratch opens up a whole world of different choices.

There are four different types of coffee bean - arabica, robusta, libercia and excelsa, each of which have incredibly different flavours and will change up your morning drink.

Try them all and find out which is your favourite.


Invest in a good quality grinder


There is no point in buying the best of the best coffee beans if you are going to grind them with a low quality item.

Many grinders will actually allow to to change how coarse you can grind the beans.

The beans you use will have a different level of grinding required to make it ready, this will vary depending on the age of the bean and the origin, so may take some experimenting to get it just right.


Do not forget the basics


While clearly getting the correct coffee beans grinded correctly contributes greatly towards the taste of your cup of coffee, remember there is another ingredient in that cup - water.

Some water, depending on where you live, may actually have an incorrect hardness to really optimise the taste of your beans.


Try boiling bottled water and see if there is a significance difference in taste.  

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